About Pristine Energy

Pristine Energy was created to assist people in clearing themselves, families, pets, homes, land, offices and businesses of unwanted negative energy that may be interfering with the health (mental and physical) peace, comfort, balance and abundance of their space.

Jennifer and Amy decided to create a web site focused on space clearing because there seemed to be a need that was not being met online.

People would hear that I did house or business clearings simply from word of mouth and relayed that it was difficult to find someone reputable, effective and strait forward on the Internet that didn���t seem too new agey and filming the next episode of a supernatural paranormal reality show.

Space clearing, cleansing, or house blessing has been around for thousands of years. Historically preformed by shaman’s, rabbi’s , priests, mediums, Fung Shui practitioners, spiritual figures and served a much needed purpose. Although it is still practiced regularly in many countries around the world, the practice has fallen away in the West and is not regularly done anymore or effectively which is unfortunate. When people, lands and buildings have a back up of displaced and negative energies it throws things out of balance blocking abundant life force energy and light.

Everything is made up of energy and it’s frequency is what I make it. I am bombarded by a diverse amount of energies everyday and can be negatively affected and influenced by them by lowering our energetic vibration. A space can be negatively affected by geographic stress, a build up negative emotions, language, thoughts, behaviors, illness, death and entities of all sorts that may not be visible to most. Yes some things are true whether you see them or not!! EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) can build up from surrounding and internal sources that are toxic as well. Activities like construction or busy and noisy streets, along with a lot of people coming and going with a lower vibration can negatively affect your space. Negativity from unhappy, stressed, or toxic neighbors can bleed over into your business or space. It is important to keep ourselves and our environment clear and resonating at an optimal frequency.

What is space clearing:

  • Removal of various kinds of negative and unwanted energies from a space that are negatively effecting it’s occupants.
  • Transmuting, replenishing and renewing the energy of a space to bring a welcoming sense of peace and balance back into a space.
  • Restructuring, shielding and in some cases gridding the space to prevent future imbalances.

 Why Cleanse a space:

  • You are trying to sell your home and want it to feel appealing to potential buyers and want any blocks removed to facilitate an easy and quick sale
  • You are a real estate agent who wants their listings to move quickly or have one that has been on the market and unable to sell
  • You just bought a new home and want a positive, fresh space, free of previous inhabitants energies.
  • You are starting something new or want to and desire a positive push and removal of possible blocks
  • Death, illness, addiction, financial stress, divorce or relationship struggles, or stressful “bad luck” experiences have plagued you or previous inhabitants in the space
  • Build up of negative energies can cause illness, insomnia, anger and agitation, disharmony in relationships, block creativity and abundance just to name a few, and is just plain draining and unpleasant!
  • Children having nightmares or report seeing monsters or people others do not see.
  • Animals acting strangely or staring, barking or meowing at areas in the home that there appears to be nothing there.
  • Strange noises or unexplained occurrences in the space
  • Business has dropped in your store or office and want to remove any blockages to abundance and success

Benefits of Space Clearing:

  • Your office or home feels peaceful, welcoming and in balance.
  • Business or Finances improve
  • That streak of “bad luck” finally comes to an end
  • Unexplained or Unrelieved illness or pain can resolve
  • You feel happy, joyful and more at peace, less irritable or stressed
  • Negative thinking turns positive
  • Relationships improve
  • Sleep Improves
  • Children’s nightmares are often relieved
  • Unexplained noises or occurrences stop
  • Your listing or home sells or rents quickly or finally
  • Accidents or clumsiness are lessened
  • That black cloud that seemed to follow you around lifts