[blockquote cite=”Caroline” type=”left”]Whenever Amy has cleared my personal energy field I feel more peace, less stress, and even have had physical pain disappear. My productivity in my business improves. After my husband and I moved into a rental I had her come clear the space of our new home. I am sensitive to energy and didn’t want to feel the previous tenants “stuff.” My son who is also sensitive had been having nightmares since we had moved in. The home felt more vibrant and peaceful after Amy cleared it. You can add what got fixed as I don’t remember. Mason sleeping…no weird noises.

Well worth every penny!! Caroline

[/blockquote] [blockquote cite=”Diane” type=”left”]We moved in to our house and quickly realized we had spirit roommates.  We tried to co-exist however continued to have strange, negative encounters.  Dr. Amelia was highly recommended to assist!  We did not know what to expect never having had to exorcise a house before!  Dr. Amelia was extremely professional and immediately made us realize we were in capable hands!  She confirmed and communicated what she sensed which was exactly what we had been experiencing.  After she cleared the house, we felt a real and tangible change and never experienced the same feelings and situations.  Since then she has successfully worked with my ten year old son to improve some negative habits and remotely cleared my energy.  I have recommended Dr. Amelia to friends needing to clear their homes and would highly recommend her for assistance with any issue to achieve understanding and definitive results!”[/blockquote] [blockquote cite=”Michelle Mach” type=”left”]A few years back I was referred to Amelia by a friend after a tragic event in my life. My ex-boyfriend committed suicide. I had been to other therapists prior to seeing Amelia who were good therapists, but were unable to help me come to terms with this traumatic event. The only things these traditional therapists could tell me were things I had already discovered about myself. I felt that I understood most of the issues I had, but still I was unable to take the next step and heal them. When I finally went to see Amelia, I could tell right away this was going to be different. Admittedly, I did not completely understand exactly what she was doing during the sessions. However, after each visit in which she would use her energy clearing techniques, I would leave feeling lighter and happier. She has helped me get through my most trying times and continues to help me cope with major events in my life. I can truly say I feel that I have healed and come to terms with the suicide of my ex-boyfriend. I do not believe I would be doing as well as I am now without Amelia’s help. I would (and have) recommended her to anyone and everyone, including my own mother and father.[/blockquote] [blockquote cite=”Tawney” type=”left”]

My 5 year old son went into the hospital. He had elevated enzymes and the doctors couldn’t find the source of the problem. I was terrified watching him so helpless and the doctors didn’t have answers. Amy did a distance healing on him, removing a dark energy and then energy work. She told me he would be okay and to try not to worry. She said they wouldn’t find a cause, but he would be better and be released Sunday or Monday. That he would be feeling like himself by Tuesday.

He was released just like she said and back to his happy self by Tuesday. The doctors never did find out what was wrong with him.

Amy was concerned about where my young son had gotten what she called a poltergeist and asked if we had just moved. She asked several questions about our new home we had just bought only a month before my son became ill. She said I needed to have our house cleared. I mentioned to my Priest and he offered to come clear and bless the house. He said that Amy was correct about the house.

My husband left out of town the same day as the clearing and I was frightend as I continued to hear noises. I called Amy and she did a distance clearing. The house has been fine ever since and so has my son.