Jennifer started her quest for spiritual knowledge at the age of 15. Even as a young child she was aware of her God-connection and was able to See and interact with her Angels, often asking them for protection and guidance. Through personal trauma and the desire to move forward, she sought help, but traditional methods were getting her nowhere, with Divine intervention she was introduced to some very powerful healing that brought immediate results and set her on a spiritual quest.

With deep personal dedication to her spiritual development Jennifer has been able to bring through very powerful energies to not only clear people who are suffering, but also to clear Homes and Properties, Offices and Businesses. In working with Spirit and Energy, we many times see the same types of blockages that occur with people are occurring within the very structures that surround us; even our Pets can be affected. When these blockages happen we can feel sad, agitated or uneasy in our environment, as this energy stagnates, so can our Life and Business. When we are clear on all levels we can have the productive happy life we seek.

Jennifer is an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. She studied Healing and Energy Clearing the “Soul Memory Discovery” process with Master Teacher Ellen Kaufman Dosick LCSW, and is a Certified Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator. She has also received spiritual training under the guidance of Susanna Sophia Hart at the Magdala Rose Mystery School in Sedona to heighten her intuitive ability. Spiritual development need never stop as it is always expanding, she works closely with her mentor, and it is her desire to continue to learn and follow the Inner Path.